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How about the other secret entrances?

There are several and are tough to get to. The other "Secret entrances are more advanced and require route finding skills. I'll only take people there guided. Email for more information.

Coming from Las Vegas NV go north on I 15 then take US 93 North. Stop in Alamo and gas up, there is no gas until Tonopah over 150 miles away. I like the Sinclair Gas station as they are a full market and deli. Really good chicken!

From the site of the Black Mailbox continue north on NV-375 to the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel NV. Go in and say hi, we always get an Alien Burger and Beer. Bring a 1 Dollar bill to hang on the ceiling. Talk to Pat the owner she is a wealth of knowledge and a nice lady, she'll even sign your Dollar!

After checking out the new "Black Box" take that dirt road 14 miles to the signs that say Area Restricted and the tarmac begins. It is graded and any car can take it. Stop at the signs that say Restricted Area see the picture. Up on your left you will see the "Cammo Dudes" usually in a Ford Raptor pick up truck on the hill. Disregard the gray route on the map as it goes into restricted space and it doesn't go thru. 

There are several entrances to Area 51, most people only know of the 2 main gates. The front entrance and the back gate. We like to call these the "Tourist" gates. These are the ones you see on most media sites. Below are the maps to get to those main sites and not get you arrested! These maps will get you there from Las Vegas, the main jumping off point. If you are coming from the North, once you get to Rachel NV you can use the maps correctly to get you to all the sites. If you have questions please email. 

Coming soon! Guided motorcycle tours of Area 51 with some surprises in store. 2 days of fun exploring Area 51. We will leave from Las Vegas NV on a Saturday and return on Sunday. Most bikes can make it, although I recommend an ADV style bike. But, I've done it on a sportbike twice! Email for more information.

Where is Area 51? 

We will try to show you where it is, and how to get there. We have been there several times and have become so called "experts" by many. Our main goal is to give you information to help you get there and see Area 51 for yourself. If you can't go please look at our videos of our trips out to "Dreamland". And soon we will be hosting guided motorcycle tours from Las Vegas with camping at the Back Gate!

Then go to the intersection with NV-375/NV-318 keep to the left and go north on "The Extraterrestrial Highway". At the intersection of NV-318 and NV-375 stop at the ET Highway sign and get a picture first! Take NV-375 North up and over the mountains and as soon as you drop down start to look for a stop sign on the left. That is the road to get to the front main entrance where you are guaranteed to see camo dudes! It is Groom Road on the maps but it is unmarked. Someone added a new "Black Mailbox" as the real one was stolen in 2015. They have elected to not put up another one. Inside you can sign your name and leave something. Kind of like a geocache.

Go back to the intersection with NV-375 and make a left. Go approx 5 miles to the site of the Black Mailbox. It's on the left with the intersection of the unsigned Mailbox Rd. It's not there as of May 20th, 2016. You can find the remnants of concrete at the site and people have left items, again like a geocache site.

From Little A'Le'inn take the road out front, Old Mill St. west to Groom Ave. It dead ends there and make a left and go south, it will make a jog around a fence and dead end at Back Gate Rd. again unsigned. Make a right and go west about 9 miles, the last third is paved. It will take you right to the Back Gate and the guard shacks. The front shack is empty, the Camo Dudes are in the back ones. You can camp there on the left side next to our old fire ring, as it is BLM public land. The spy cameras with watch you and follow your movements. Get a picture "crossing the line"!!  

Here are a couple of videos of us going to Area 51 and the front and back gates.